3/22/18 UPDATE!!

Thank You for your calls, emails and texts about Slocum House!
On Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Michael and Nick from Friends of Dorothy House, Andrew Lunetta, executive director of A Tiny Home For Good and organizers from the Workers’ Center came together for a great meeting. At this meeting Andrew Lunetta informed us that the board of A Tiny Home for Good has decided they will sell Slocum House to friends of farmworkers! The price of the house is $30,000.00

There is a lot of work to be done! We need to raise funds to pay for the house and for the maintenance and utilities. We know we all of your support this will be possible.

We we would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Michael and Nick, the Farmworker Housing Solidarity Committee, and to all of you for taking the time to make calls, and send emails and text messages to Andrew Lunetta to encourage him to keep his promise to sell Slocum to Michael and Nick. We received word that the calls, text messages, and emails, made a big difference in us being able to move forward. We will have more exciting updates and requests to share with you all very soon. Thank you all again!

Please make a phone call and send an email TODAY. There is an important meeting this Monday, March 19, 2017 about the future of the house!
  • Make a phone call to Andrew Lunetta from A Tiny Home for Good at (315)-640-8205 and ask him to honor his promise to sell Slocum House to friends of farmworkers so it can continue as a hospitality house for immigrants and farmworkers. You can also send an email at alunetta@atinyhomeforgood.org.
  • Ask him to refuse the  donation of the house if it comes with any restriction that will affect the sale of the house to friends of farmworkers.
You can use the following suggested message:

“Hi my name is ________________ and I am calling to thank you for promising to sell Slocum House to friends of farmworkers and immigrants to continue the house’s legacy of providing much needed and urgent hospitality and sanctuary. Immigrant worker leaders can continue to have a place to build community, organize against injustices, and develop their leadership–all crucial work. Because the house is such an important center for immigrant and farmworker organizing, I ask you to refuse donation of the house if it comes with any restrictions that will affect the sale of the house to friends of farmworkers. Thank you for putting the principles of justice and solidarity in practice. “

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