“My name is Arely. My husband Hector and I have three children. In December 21 2017, Hector was detained by ICE at the parking lot of the apartments where we live. ICE took him without any reason. He missed Christmas with us and New Year’s, and also he missed our son’s and my birthdays.

The separation affected us so much. After his father was taken, our son Jesus would lay his clothes out on the bed– a shirt, pants, and his rosary. He made

New Year’s Eve at Slocum House

sure his father’s clothes were on the bed and didn’t let anyone touch them or sleep in the bed. He would pray his father will come soon. He did this for the two months he was in jail.

Slocum House has helped us a lot. I remember staying there the first days after Hector was detained because I was afraid of staying at our house. Along with others from the Workers’ Center, we have made community there and helped each other. We spent New Year’s there. I have met farmworkers there who were victims of injustice. I have cooked meals and share the little we have with others there. This house is like a sanctuary for us.”