“I am Victoriano Hernandez and I am an agricultural worker who unfortunately suffered many accidents at work. I am originally from Guatemala and I have been in this country for 13 years. I have not been able to work for four years because of workplace accidents.

In September 2017, I needed a place to stay in Syracuse so I could go to my physical therapy appointments. I talked with the organizer of the WCCNY to see if they could help me to find a place and they told me there was a house called Slocum, and they were going to see if I could stay there while I got my physical therapy. They told me the owners of the house said they didn’t want anyone else coming to the house.

This was at a time when I needed housing the most and this is why I say it is so necessary to have a house in Syracuse that can welcome us. If you really value agricultural workers, and you know they bring food to your tables, then please do something so Slocum House is a house of sanctuary and hospitality like it was.Thank you.”