“My name is Armino and I am an agricultural worker. I was unemployed for two months and went to live in Syracuse. I stayed at Slocum House for 15 days. The house helped me and other compañeros a lot. While I was there I went out with other farmworkers and organizers to dairy farms close to Syracuse to bring workers rights information and talk about organizing for better working and living conditions. If it weren’t for the house, I wouldn’t have had a place to sleep and organize.

We are asking the owner of the Slocum House to sell the house because it is very important for us agricultural workers. We can use the house as a sanctuary as it has been used in the past. We are not saying gift us the house, we are saying we can buy for ourselves, those who have the most need. Please think that we are all human beings and they have an opportunity to help us. Sell it at a fair price. Thank you.”