United Farmworkers flag on the kitchen wall of Slocum House.

“My name is Juan and I am an agricultural worker. Slocum House has been very important for me. Last year in June, I lost my job and I didn’t have anywhere to go. I asked for help and got hospitality at Slocum, which helped me to support the organizations and other workers who have been victims of exploitation, injuries at work, retaliation, and wage theft.

Many farmworkers speak up against injustice and they lose their jobs. When they don’t have anywhere to go, the house is their only refuge. The house has a history of hospitality and activism. With the new Administration, immigrants are living a tough existence because of the racism and discrimination. There are very few places where we can go. Haven’t they learned about injustice in the Bible? Or the importance of hospitality, giving a place to the stranger? It is a biblical commandment to help others. They should not only talk about this, but live it and do it. This is why I am asking for your support to keep the house for hospitality for immigrants.”